Alex Hutton - Trio

Alex Hutton – piano
Yuri Goloubev –double bass
Asaf Sirkis – drums

The new line-up enables me to compose and explore thru-composed material with delicacy but with the power and textures of a larger band.

I met Asaf Sirkis shortly after he arrived in London 1999 and always admired his playing and musical concepts.

When bringing the new material to the band, very little was said about the music. After all I had this lineup in mind whilst composing the pieces. Apart from the overall mood of the music I was able to dictate the direction within the music itself. The sixth sense of Asaf in particular was invaluable in getting these pieces feeling good in a very short space of time. It’s hard to think of Asaf as a drummer in regular terms - because he plays the whole kit so musically. Whether accompanying a light delicate melody or rocking out.

Asaf: ‘’Alex is one of the only pianists who lets me play loud when the music calls for it!’’

Asaf has earned a reputation as a key performer in the uk and around Europe. Both as an accompanist or bandleader, Asaf has an extensive back catalogue in the studio. His latest CD of his own original compositions ‘Letting Go’ won favourable reviews and show his organic compositional depth. His collaborations with Tim Garland (Lighthouse trio) and Gwilym Simcock in particular have allowed him to develop his unique contributions in a world-class arena.

Asaf Sirkis full bio here:

I knew the team withYuri Goloubev on bass would work. Stylistically I was looking for a bassist that would rise to the challenge of new music without any preconceived jazz history limitations. The challenge to play in a piano trio setting -with its colourful history – but to explore new territory that’s actually relevant for me has always been my goal. In fact the new tunes were about developing new textures and Yuri was perfect for this role.

Moscow born Yuri Goloubev excelled at an early age in classical music. He Received his Master’s Degree in double bass as a soloist and chamber music performer from Moscow Conservatory in 1995.In 2002 Yuri became the youngest bass player in the history of both USSR and Russia to be awarded the prestigious title of the Honored Artist of Russia be President Putin. Moving to Italy in 2005 Yuri found his true calling playing Jazz and over the last 7 years has secured himself as one of the strongest and most versatile bassists around Europe. Yuri’s playing and compositions are featured on over 70 cd recordings, some as leader or co-leader. His credits include collaborations with many visiting American artists. His latest Cd ‘Titanic For A Bike’ allows us to hear him as a composer of considerable beauty and passion . featuring Julian Arguelles on soprano sax.

Yuri Goloubev full bio here:



Alex Hutton - solo

Started piano at 5 year old although early musical experience was on mandolin playing in folk groups/church ensembles.He became finalist in Televised Jazz competition winning the accolade; Great British talent … a wonderfully natural pianist’ from the late Ronnie Scott.

Since 1998, he has playedin London’s major venues (Ronnies Scotts, Jazz Café, and the 606 Club) as a freelance pianist, working alongside the cream of the British modern jazz scene; most notably, Alan Barnes, Don Weller, Art Themen, Jim Mullen, Dave O’Higgins.

Theatre credits
Musical director and performer in the ‘Zam Zam Room’ (a recreation of colourful sketches of Lord Buckley) 2003-2006.

Film credits
Composer of film score ‘Swee’ (written by Tim Treloar) 2004.

Recent projects

Ian Ritchie's Soho Project (

Composing film music with Dom Hutton (tba).

Performing (keyboards) in the band of great soul singer Ola onlabule for her new album released on Rugged Ram Records.


My dad passed away in early February after a long battle with Parkinson’s. Being a pianist himself, he was the reason I got into music in the first place. In May, I’m recording a solo piano album with a program of songs he loved to play or hear. More news about this later.



Alex Hutton - radio

Since 2010 Hutton has co–presented and produced a weekly radio show on Hayes FM (91.8) focusing on the London jazz scene promoting new music as well as delving into England’s rich Jazz history. The Jazzshow with Alex Hutton and Kate Winter is recorded at Ealing Studios and broadcast on Hayes FM 91.8 (Sundays 20.00-21.00hrs) and Global City Radio (Mondays 19.00-20.00pm).




Alex Hutton - teaching

My approach to teaching is based on over 20 years playing and studying jazz, and the emphasis for me is on the evolution of jazz piano.

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Working with 2 pianos side by side I will help develop the student in the following areas:

- Ear training;
- Harmony;
- Accompaniment;
- Improvisation;
- Repertoire;
- Time and rhythm;
- Relaxation / touch development.

Fee: £30 / hour.
Location: Isleworth TW7

Please contact me for references.